The Light of Drombar – children’s adventure/fantasy

children's fantasy - Light of DrombarA Children’s Adventure/Fantasy Novel

Four children find themselves transported by a magic stone to the land of Drombar, where they are requested to go on a quest to save the world from darkness.  Aided by Meneas, the magican, and other characters they meet along the way, they must travel to the evil castle of Mallegris to restore the light, and where the dark Lord Saedor awaits them.

They have many adventures along the way, and each child will have their own personal challenge to face before they reach their journey’s end.

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Notes from the Author

I had the idea for this book a very long time ago, during the first Gulf War.  Saddam Hussain had just set fire to the oil fields of Kuwait, sending walls of smoke into the air.  As I watched this on the television, it seemed to me that the black smoke symbolised everything about dictatorship, shutting down freedoms and keeping people in ignorance, fear and darkness.

At around this time I was working as a secretary, but I had by now decided that I wanted to be a serious writer.  I had started an adult novel, but having been an avid reader of the C. S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia books since I was about 8, I was also keen to create my own children’s fantasy world.  Watching those burning oil fields, the idea for Drombar was born, with its evil Lord spreading darkness over the land to bring fear and darkness.  Only children with the memory of sunlight will be able to save them.

It would be a long time before I decided to publish this book.  At first, I thought it was far too derivitive of Lewis and Tolkien, and I put it on a shelf, until a friend of mine (himself an expert on both those writers) read what I had written so far and told me I should finish it and publish it.  So, with this extra confidence, I finished it, and after it had done the usual rounds of agents and publishers, I decided to self-publish.

The world has changed since I started to write this book.  But the message seems even  more relevant today as we see human rights violations on high not only in distant lands, but here in the west.

If your children love children’s fantasy, or have read the Narnia books and enjoyed them, they may well enjoy this.  It’s not the same, but there are similarities – no matter how hard I try, Narnia will creep in!

If you have read and enjoyed this book, please let me know in comment box.  I would also love to know whether people would like a sequel!

The Light of Drombar will soon be available as an audio book.